Review: ZOMBIELAND - Best Zombie Killing Ever!

ReviewMovie Zombieland by Joey Paur


I’m gonna come right out and tell you to… go see Zombieland! This is most definitely the best time I had at the movies all year. I’m not just saying that because I am a big zombie film fan, I’m saying it because it was a well made film with some great acting, an engaging story, and there was blood and guts galore!


Zombieland is not just another zombie flick, this movie puts an inventive and creative twisted spin on the genre. It’s a perfect mix of zombies, thrills, horror and comedy. If you're thinking it looks like an American knockoff off of Shaun of the Dead, then your wrong. It’s nothing like Shaun of the Dead, this is separately and completely its own kind of film. But the director Ruben Fleischer has said, that the movie was inspired by the film. He did a fantastic job directing this film, and I am looking forward to seeing what he does next.


I loved the way the story is told in Zombieland. It is done through a narrative by actor Jesse Eisenberg who plays Columbus in the film. He talks about the rules that he has developed for surviving Zombieland. There are about 33 rules the top 3 rules are:

Rule #1: Cardio - unfortunately the “physically” challenged do not survive.

Rule#2: Beware of Bathrooms - apparently zombies like to attack you when you are most vulnerable, so it’s probably best to hold it in or have a spotter.

Rule#3: Double Tap - You always want to make sure that zombie is dead. So before walking away give them a second headshot to be positive.

Rule #3 is my favorite and they have a hell of a fun time playing it out during the movie. They actually play most the rules out throughout the story. As the action is happening they throw what rule it is up on screen and it becomes part of the scene (the words of the rule can physically be affected by the people in it.)


The film follows four characters; Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) as they reluctantly team up to go to an amusement park in California called Pacific Playland so the youngest girl, Little Rock can have just a moment of feeling like a little kid again. It’s not much, but it drives the movie forward. On the journey, Tallahassee is looking to kill lots of freakin' zombies, and some Twinkies. He is Twinkie motivated through the whole film, and that my friend’s is his main goal. He wants one before they go bad. All Columbus wants to do is follow his survival rules and brush a girl’s hair back over her ear. The end of the film is the ultimate showdown between these four characters and the zombies at the amusement park.


I know it sounds a little silly, but the film is very heavy in the comedy section. The film was gloriously full of blood and gore, you couldn’t ask for anything more in that department. Some of the greatest zombie kills you have ever seen are in this film! They are hilariously inventive. Tallahassee has turned zombie killing into an art form. Harrelson has so much fun as this character that, like Eisenberg’s narration, he sets the tone, and the fun is infectious. Seriously you are going to love what you see, especially if you enjoy watching zombies being brutally devastated.


I was laughing my ass off during this film to the point where my stomach hurt and I had tears of laughter. If the movie theater floor wasn’t so nasty I would have been rolling around on it laughing. This movie is extremely funny! My favorite part of the film involves a brilliant cameo by… I won’t tell you who it is in case you don’t know. I don’t want to spoil it for you like I did for one of our readers that I ran into at the movies. He said, “I heard there was a big cameo in the film.” I said, “Oh yeah! You mean ___ _____!” He said, “Did you just spoil it for me.” I did, and I’m sorry! But the big name cameo was the best part of the movie for me.

Go out and see this movie! If you want a laugh out loud good time mixed with some blood splatter then you have to go see this movie! I highly recommend it. As soon as I left the movie theater I wanted to see it again.

If you’ve already seen Zombieland, tell us what you thought about! If not, go see it and then come back and give us your review!

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