BATMAN & ROBIN The Most Important Comicbook Film Ever Made?


According to Marvel President Kevin Feige, the Joel Schumacher film, Batman & Robin,

may be the most important comic-book movie ever made.

Now that doesn't sound right. But there is a very logical explanation as to why Feige feels this way. Batman & Robin was made in 1997 and starred George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. After the movie came out, Schumacher and screen writer Akiva Goldsman received death threats, because of how bad the film was. Hey, people take their comicbooks seriously! This finally made filmmakers realized that. The reason that Feige labels this movie as the "most important comicbook ever made" is not because of how good it was, but because how how incredibly atrocious it was.

It was so bad that it demanded a new way of doing things. It created the opportunity to do X-Men and Spider-Man, adaptations that respected the source material and adaptations that were not campy.

So in that respect I can see what he is saying and I agree with him. I guess there had to be a time when comic book films hit rock bottom so studios could realize that that's not the way they should be making them. Goldsman is proud of the effect he put into writing the film but also said,

What got lost in Batman & Robin is the emotions aren't real. The worst thing to do with a serious comic book is to make it a cartoon. I'm still answering for that movie with some people.

Yes, he is. Just like Ratner is still answering for X-Men 3. I just look at that picture at the top and can't help but wonder, 'what in the hell they were thinking!' So what are your thoughts on Batman & Robin being the most important comicbook film ever made? Do you agree or disagree with the point he was trying to make?

Source: LA Times