Bill Murray says McG Deserves to Die

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Well, obviously Bill Murray doesn't like Terminator Salvation director, McG, either. It's not because he made a terrible Terminator movie though, it's because McG's shooting his mouth off again. I swear, McG must be a compulsive liar. It's like you can't believe anything he says. Remember he said he had James Cameron's blessing for Terminator Salvation? When in reality Cameron never read the script. He also promised fans that he wouldn't ruin the Terminator franchise, we all know how that turned out. Now he is saying that Bill Murray headbutted him on the set of Charlie's Angels.

When Murray was asked about it he said,

That’s bullshit! That’s complete crap! I don’t know why he made that story up. He has a very active imagination.

Why does McG feel he needs to tell these lies? He obviously has some kind of deep rooted problem that spans from his childhood. Maybe he just feels he needs more attention and respect and this is the way that he demands it. I don't know, but why would you say something like that. Then when you think Murray regained his composure he shot this out coldly staring, without breaking deadpan.

No! He deserves to die. He should be pierced with a lance, not headbutted.

Well, now we know why Maurray didn't go back to star in Charlies Angels 2, and why he will most likely never work with McG again.

Source: Timesonline

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