Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine Talk About Nolan's INCEPTION


Christopher Nolan's next film, Inception is shrouded in mystery. The director of Momento and The Dark Knight, wont let the actors in the film really talk about it at all. The details we have on what is really going on in this movie is very limited. I believe most of the cast didn't even get a full script. But, Cillian Murphy did and here is what he told MTV recently.

This is my third film with Chris. He showed me the whole script. It’s very very complex and amazing. I’m hugely excited for next year when it comes out.

As for details here is what he offered.

It’s conceptual. It doesn’t fit into any genre. There are elements of different types of things in it but it is all from Chris’ imagination. I’ve never read anything close to it before.

A lot of people have been comparing the film to The Matrix because of the trippy teaser trailer that was released, that kind of blew our minds with excitement. Believe it or not that short trailer offered a ton of details on what the film is possibly about and you can read the trailer breakdown that Abe Froman wrote up Right Here.

Also cast in the film is Michael Caine and in a interview with Empire, he gives us a little insight on what character he plays in the story.

I play a professor who's teaching a guy science. It's Leonardo DiCaprio. He's going off to do a science project and he speaks to me before he goes.

He doesn't give much more information beyond that. He was one of the actors that only got his part of the script! He didn't even read the whole thing. Click here to read about some more information from the film that leaked out not too long ago. We still aren't sure how solid the information is, but it sounds about right, you can judge for yourself.

I have no doubt Nolan is going to rock our world again in the movies.