Remember that time during the summer when it was rumored that R2-D2 made an appearance in Michael Bay's, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. However there was so much crap flying around in that movie, and the action was a bit much and so fast that your eyes couldn't process everything that was happening in front of your face. Now that the movie is out on DVD and Blu-Ray, some geek remembered this little cameo news bit that most of us had forgot. He went through the movie frame by frame until they found it. Then took a screenshot and posted it on the web. So here is the screenshot that proves R2-D2 does make an appearance in the movie, flying through the air like a piece of junk.

The moment occurs during the merge of Jetfire's parts to Optimus Prime, specifically at 2 hours 17 minutes and 52 seconds into the movie.

Click on the pic to enlarge, if you want to see the details.


Source: Transformerslive

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