William Shatner May Get a part in the next STAR TREK Film


I don't know about you, but I really didn't miss Willaim Shatner in J.J. Abrams Star Trek. The film was fine without him. I know there are a lot hardcore Star Trek geeks out there that weren't happy with him not being in it. I just don't think it would have worked. The one cameo that they entertained was that he would pop up in a holographic birthday card for Spock, and that my friends, would have sucked! So be glad that didn't happen.

We all know that Kirk died in the films, but since Abrams rebooted the whole time frame continuum and created an alternate timeline where everything that happened in the past is altered. So in this new Star Trek time frame there is a chance old Kirk is still alive. But would that mean more time travel stuff?

J.J. Abrams is strongly considering bringing Shatner into his Star Trek sequel, and explains why he didn't make it into the first film.

I would love to work with him. It was a foregone conclusion we wanted him in [Star Trek]. The problem was his character died on screen in one of his Trek films and we decided that we wanted to adhere to Trek canon as best we could ... the required machinations to get Shatner into the movie would have been very difficult to do given the story we wanted to tell and also to give him the kind of part that he would be happy with.

It was this thing where it would have felt like a gimmick in order to get Shatner in the movie, which would have honestly, to me, been distracting.

In terms of moving forward, I am open to anything. I feel like the first movie did some of the heavy lifting that needed to be done in order to free us to continue going forward. Maybe there's less of a burden and there's going to be more opportunity to work with him (Shatner).

He also revealed that he and Shatner speak and that they have a lunch date planned. I'm sure they will be throwing out some ideas on how they would be able to bring old Kirk in without making the story suck.

If they find a place for Shatner in the film... awesome! I won't complain... unless it ruins the story. But I trust Abrams not to do that. What do you think? Do you want to see Shatner make an appearance in this new Star Trek timeline?

Source: Yahoo

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