George Miller wants Charlize Theron in MAD MAX 4


Word has hit the street that George Miller's number one pick to play the lead female role in his upcoming Mad Max 4 movie is none other than Charlize Theron. I can see Theron taking a role in a film like this. I think she's a great actress that doesn't pick the best movies to star in sometimes. I recently saw her in The Road, and she was fantastic in that! I could see her all decked out  in the Mad Max leather clothing line.

George Miller has been talking about making this fourth Mad Max film since 2007, and I wonder if it is ever going to actually happen. Miller has said in the past that Gibson won't appear in the next film for two reasons. He's too old and he doesn't think he would be interested in returning to the role that launched his career.


Miller has another actor in mind to take his place as Mad Max though. He is currently looking at actor Tom Hardy who is a British actor who was in Black Hawk Down and Band of Brothers. No matter who is cast as Mad Max, it's going to be hard to please the fans.

The film is very early in production. No details have been revealed, but they are casting. What do you think Theron and Hardy potentially being cast in the movie?

Source: eonline

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