unofficial HEAVY METAL movie poster

This amazing looking poster from artist Raymond Swanland popped up over at TheMetalDen, and is supposedly for Sony's new Heavy Metal movie. But Collider is quick to point out that the site it promotes belongs to a squatter rather than the studio. As well as the fact that there has been no new noise or developments in pre-production since James Cameron joined the project. So as cool as the poster may be... I'll have to whole heartedly agree, and say it's most definitely fake, or rather, unofficial.

James Cameron and David Fincher are co-executive producers on the film which is to be animated by Blur Studios. Like the 1981 animated movie, the new film will be split into segments. Fincher, Cameron, Zack Snyder and Gore Verbinski will be directing segments for the new Heavy Metal, with Mark Osborne and Jack Black from Tenacious D doing a comedy segment for the film. As far as we know, no screenwriter or possibly writers, have been brought on.

Check out the poster, and hopefully the real ones will look as cool or cooler.


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