Mad Max 4 Will Be Called MAD MAX: FURY ROAD


The title for George Miller's next chapter in the Mad Max franchise has a title, and that title is Mad Max: Fury Road. The film recently got the greenlight to go into production and will start shooting in Sydney and outback New South Wales, Australia next year. Miller will be producing and directing the film. And check this out... it has a $100 million dollar budget! Thats insane for a movie that I wouldn't think needs a budget that big. District 9 was incredible, and it was made for only $30 million. Miller must plan on taking Mad Max to a whole new level of insanity.

It's been 30 years since the first Mad Max film came out! Can you believe that!? It's taken a good amount of time to get this movie into production, but it's finally made it, and it is going to give Australia a big filmmaking boost. Especially after Warner Bros. pulled out their Green Lantern production.. Miller says:

Fury Road' will put NSW back on the map as a filmmaking destination. Hollywood has cut its production in half. Big movies like 'Fury Road' and 'Happy' Feet are rare and competitively sought after in all the filmmaking regions of the world. The production agreements have been a long time in the making and (NSW) Premier Rees and his team have worked like Trojans to ensure this substantial investment comes into this country. Not only does it help fuel the local economy but it means many talented people get a chance to practice their craft and lift their skills.

There have been a few names thrown out, that that Miller is looking at to star in the film. Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy, and another rumor just hit that Australian thesp  Sam Worthington might fill in Mel Gibson's shoes. That seems like a more sensible choice than Tom Hardy. Of course if they could get Gibson back, I'm sure they would. Miller most recenty said:

It could be Mel, it could be anyone, in fact I'm looking around at these faces to see if anyone's quite interesting here.

I'm sure he will find some people that are interested. Personally, I wouldn't expect to see Gibson return to the role. I'd be shocked if he did. It's been said that Mad Max: Fury Road in the hands of George Miller will be one of the largest most ambitious live-action films ever made in Australia.

How awesome is that!? I really hope this movie ends up being amazing. It would be fun to see a new Mad Max film done right. What do you all think?

Source: ABC

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