Stallone Wants ROCKY 7 in 2010

Rocky Balboa

UPDATE: European readers over at CHUD have debunked this rumor, claiming Stallone's quotes were taken out of context: he was actually referring in the past tense to Rocky Balboa all along. The internet breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Sylvester Stallone is one of my favorite Hollywood personalities and I generally support his decisions, but this one is pushing the realm of believability.

According to Teen Say, Stallone plans on filming another Rocky movie after Rambo 5 is done, and he hopes to release it in 2010. Seems a bit strange, doesn't it? Some said Rocky Balboa was unnecessary, but I thought it was a nice bookend for one of Stallone's most famous characters. But it now seems I was wrong about that whole "bookend" thing.

"I know I'll probably make a fool of myself if I make another 'Rocky' film after I turn have to do it. Artists like me have to go through the dark over and over again. I know it's ludicrous and everyone would laugh. I would laugh about it. But I also know that I'd be successful if I can make this a film about becoming older, not about boxing but about myself."

Sly - wasn't that the whole point of Rocky Balboa? Like I said - I dig the guy, but I don't know if I'm behind him on this project. I'd much rather see another entry in The Expendables (potential) franchise than see him go back to Rocky after he so nicely wrapped things up with the most recent film in that series. What do you think?

[Via Slashfilm]

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