FEAR AGENT Creators want Jon Hamm as Heath Hutson


During the summer it was announced that Universal Pictures was going to adapt the Dark Horse comicbook Fear Agent, into a big screen movie.

Fear Agent is a ridiculously entertaining story that centers around rugged alcoholic Texas spaceman Heath Huston, who is supposed to be the last Fear Agent, in a series of fast-paced adventures. The series stands out with its emphasis on action, adventure, horror, and plot twists, rather than realism or scientific detail. It is definitely an in-your-face type adventure.

Newsarama recently had a chance to talk to Fear Agent creators, Rick Remender (writer) and Tony Moore (artist) about the the film, and they reveal who they would like to see star as the main character in the film.

We'd love to see Jon Hamm don the spacesuit. After seeing Mad Men, we're convinced he's our guy. In the end, it couldn't be made too slick, you know? Abandoning the Atomic Age aesthetic would undermine a big part of what it's about, high adventure with that sense of danger and bravery that goes with WW2 heroes and Apollo 11 astronauts. So the insides of the rocket would still have to feel like a submarine, the weapons would have to look like cool old kids' toys, and the monsters would still have to be built like they walked off a pulp cover. Otherwise, you end up with some kinda soulless overbaked garbage like that Lost in Space movie. There hasn't really been much of this brand of fun in Hollywood, so I think it could be an interesting new voice in a sea of ho-hum remakes and spoof flicks.


I would love to see Jon Hamm in the role of Heath Hutson! He is a perfect fit for the character, but will they get him? Only time will tell. If they did, it would be the best casting decision they could make. I guess well find out what happens as soon as the script is finished and they dive into production.

Care to share your thoughts on who they should cast in the film?

Source: newsarama

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