Warner Bros. Getting Back into Feature Animation with PEACOCK


It looks like Warner Bros. is trying its hand at feature animation once again, with a new film about a Peacock. Screenwriters Austin Winsberg and Heath Corson pitched the idea to the WB and are in final negotiations. There is no other information given on the film, just that it revolves around a Peacock. It really doesn't sound too exciting, I mean... it's a peacock.

The last Warner Bros. Feature animated film was Joe Dante's Looney Tunes: Back In Action(2003), and that was a a horrid mix of live-action and animation in which the film sucked. The last full animated feature film developed by the WB was Brad Bird's, The Iron Giant, which was incredible! But the studio killed it by not putting any type of marketing what-so-ever into the film. There are other animated films that have been distributed by Warner Bros, but not created by them. They also have the DC animated DVD films.

I'm kind of surprised they are looking at resurrecting there feature animation department with a film about a Peacock. I just think there are tons of other ideas that would be much more appealing. Maybe they think they found some of that Pixar magic in the story that we know nothing about.

They also don't mention, if they are looking to do the film in traditional animation or CG animation. I assume it will be CG for the fact that, that's what everyone is doing today. I hope Warner Bros. does a better job with this than what they have done with their last animated feature films. It's not looking good from my point of view. Maybe they should have picked a more appealing subject matter. What do you think?

Source: Variety

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