Limited Edition Horror movie Posters just in time for Halloween

Here are some amazingly cool Horror Movie Posters, that would be a fine addition to any collectors wall. The posters were done by Methane Studios, and are limited edition, hand numbered screen prints. The stylized art includes takes on: John Carpenter's Halloween(the original/good one), the original Nightmare On Elm St., and two variants of the Michael Keaton starrer, Beetlejuice.

Check out the posters and let us know what you think. If you like them, you better order from MondoTees soon, before they sell out! Prices range from $25-$50.





Poster by Methane Studios. 19″x27″ screen print.


A Nightmare on Elm St.




Poster by Methane Studios. 19″x27″ screen print.






Poster by Drew Millward. 14″x24″ screen print.


Poster variant:


Looks the same as the above, but it's printed with glow-in-the-dark ink.


(In the Dark)


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