get Stitching and editing Effects on your iPhone with ReelDirector

TechiPhoneby Eli Reyes


Are your iPhone videos lacking that extra little shine that the barebones video trimming on your 3GS just can't offer? Sure, your videos only really consist of "wicked" games of beer pong, or videos of your kids... hopefully not both, but where's polish? Fear not, for Nexvio's editing app picks up where Apple left off.

ReelDirector seems to offers basic functions of iMovie, like the ability to add in titles, basic effects and clip stitching-- all within a pretty simple and slick interface. It's obviously not Final Cut Pro by any means, but it's as close as you'll get for now on your iPhone.

So, why do you need this app? Because let's face it, transitioning from footage of that hot girl on the Subway to your buddy lighting his hand on fire, only truly makes sense when stitched together with a star swipe.

Check out the demo below and let us know if you're gonna be using this baby on your iPhone!

Via: Gizmodo

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