Mummy producer breathes life into Peter Briggs' MORTIS REX

Movieby Eli Reyes


Concept art for Hellboy screen-writer Peter Briggs' long-time in the making film Mortis Rex, has been floating around the net for almost a year. But with Mummy producer Jim Jacks now on board to produce the supernatural action thriller written and to be the directorial debut of Briggs, the project is now in full gear.

Jacks will produce through his Frelaine banner, along with Stuart Pollok, Matthew Dench and Marisa Kagan. Dominic Ianno will exec produced with London-based Intandem Films. Filming is being aimed for the spring on location in Italy, Eastern Europe and the U.K.


Mortis Rex-- translated from Latin means King of The Dead-- is set in 122 AD, and centers on a disgraced Roman war hero named Cassius Virius, who is given a last opportunity to redeem his reputation when sent to a Roman garrison beset by a spate of brutal and unexplained killings. The hero must reclaim his rightful warrior status by uniting with the local Druids to help vanquish a terrifying supernatural beast.

Wait, I'm confused. So he knew Internal Affairs was setting him up??? J/k, sounds like a bloody good time, and I'm loving the tone and look of everything I've seen so far.

Jacks explained his excitement for the project to ScreenDaily, saying:

I’ve always been interested in Roman history in general and the dark myths surrounding the building of Hadrian’s Wall in particular. Mortis Rex's uniquely original, blood chilling telling of the legend of the Lost Legion with a monster movie twist has the makings of a truly exciting and commercial movie that is sure to spark excitement from global audiences.

For storyboards, an anamatic trailer and more... visit the official movie site:

What do you think of Briggs' Mortis Rex and Jacks coming on board to produce?

Cocept Art by Stuart Jennett