Score Sheet that breaks down what Vampires can do what... what?

With the vampire craze still in full gear, there have no doubt been heated arguments over who the best vampire characters are. That really comes down to opinion, and  hinges on the fact that you're probably female. Guys like the old school stuff, and pretty much accept all of it. But asking a dude whether he likes Twilight or True Blood is like asking him what brand of tampon he'd prefer... the answer is neither. What we do partake in, is letting you all know how weak your vampires are compared to the ones we grew up on.


Here's a little chart that breaks down exactly what vampires have and don't have. The score sheet consists of 50 vampires, and marks their strengths and weaknesses, drink and bed of choice, how well they do around crosses and sunlight, whether or not they have a soul or a reflection and so on.


I'm hoping this chart puts all vampire arguments to rest... it won't. In fact this may stir the pot even more, enjoy. Check out the chart and let us know what you think!


Click the image for full size:




Vampire Chart by Julia Carusillo


via: i09

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