SPIDER-MAN 4 will have one Villain... The Lizard?


Marketsaw has busted out a new rumor regarding Spider-Man 4, and according to their "strong source", The Lizard will be the one and only villain in the movie. We know for a fact that director Sam Raimi has talked about going back to the basics with Spider-Man 4. He's admitted one of the reasons Spider-Man 3 sucked so much was because there was too many villains. So it doesn't look like he is going to make the same mistake. One villain in the fourth Spider-Man film is the way to go, and it I'm sure that's what we will get.

As for who the villain is... there has been a ton of speculation, and The Lizard has always been the one everyone keeps going back to. I'd love to see The Lizard in Spider-Man 4. But Raimi has denied it in the past, but perhaps just to throw us off. I guess we'll find out if the rumor is true soon enough. Recently actor Dylan Baker confirmed that he will reprise his role as Dr. Curt Connor, the character who becomes The Lizard.

I'd love to see The Lizard as the villain in the next Spider-Man film, how about you?

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