Epic New Full Trailer for James Camerons AVATAR now in HD


Here it is gang! The new domestic trailer for James Cameron's new highly anticipated film, Avatar. It is pretty much the same as the international trailer we shared with you yesterday, only this one doesn't have any subtitles. Most importantly, you can watch this bad boy in High Definition!

This is a much better trailer than the first one that was released, and it seems like everyone agrees. There was a good amount of positive feedback from people for this trailer than there was for the previous footage that was shown. And just so you know, the marketing campaign for Avatar is about to go ape shit. I've been told that we ain't seen nothin yet, and that the movie is going to be full of surprises that we wont be expecting.

I can't wait! Hell, I already have my damn tickets for the movie and it doesn't come out until December 18th! Check out the new trailer below and Click Here to watch it in HD!

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