Montage of Kristen Stewart biting her lower-lip... A LOT!


Everyone has their little ticks. But not everyone is in front of a camera most of the year. Here we get a little peak into Kristen Stewart's now well documented go-to-look, when she wants to convey shyness and lust in one motion: by biting her lower-lip.

I believe I count 22 different times that Kristen Stewart bites her lower lip in this montage from CollegeHumor... and these are just clips from Adventureland and Twilight(I thought the vampires were supposed to do the biting)! I'm sure you would find another couple dozen if you go back to her work in Panic Room, Zathura and The Messengers.

This just makes me appreciate actors like Russell Crowe and Daniel-Day Lewis that much more. Actors of their caliber are able to completely transform-- not just their look, but their body language and ticks as well.

Check out the vid, and let us know what you think!

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