6 Must Watch ITALIAN Horror Films

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Last Halloween I focused my film attention over to Italian Horror Cinema. I went through and talked about these films in detail. If you happened to miss those articles, then here is a little recap of the films which include the links to the full articles that were written. You have to remember that these are Italian Horror films with subtitles and bad sound sync, you might think these are very tame compared to today’s standards, but these films are great and and very fun to watch. All of the effects used were practical, which we don't see in movies anymore, which is one of the things that make these films so special. CGI blood and guts are still no match for the hands on corn syrup soaked effects that we used to see.

Black Sabbath



Black Sabbath is a great creepy horror film directed by Mario Bava in 1963 and consists of 3 movies within the one feature. This is one of those movies that has inspired everything we see in horror movies today. If you love horror movies like I do, this movie will be a great deal of fun. The three films of Black Sabbath are: ‘The Telephone’, ‘The Wurdalak’, and ‘The Drop of Water’.

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Planet of the Vampires


Planet of the vampires

This is a 1965 classic Italian Sci-Fi Horror film directed by Mario Bava. Planet of the Vampires is based on Italian science fiction short story called "One Night of 21 Hours." The film is about the horrific experiences of the crew members of two giant spaceships that have crash landed on a forbidding, unexplored planet. The disembodied inhabitants of the world possess the bodies of the crew who died during the crash, and use the animated corpses to stalk and kill the remaining survivors.

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Demons was made in 1985 and it was crazily over the top grotesque. Ya gotta hand it to the Italians when it comes to going blood violence crazy. One of the things about Italian filmmakers is, they are not afraid to push the limits. This is a fun film to watch, especially during Halloween. It is just one of those movies that has a full blown Halloween spirit. The style is incredibly 80’s as well, so it easy to get a laugh out of it to.

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Here is an all time Classic Italian Horror film. I would think that most film geeks have seen this movie. Sadly, I am sure there are those out there(including film geeks), that have not seen it, and maybe have not even heard of it before! The reason I say this, is because I know people who say they are hardcore film geeks, but have not seen this movie yet. This is one of the reasons I started this website. To get the word out to people and help spread the word about good movies. Suspiria should be in your top five movies to watch during the Halloween season. It has that perfect creepy vibe. Suspiria is a must watch horror film for anyone that loves movies. The film was directed by Dario Argento in 1977, and this is the best film he has made. I am not sure what happened. Every other film he has made falls below the standard he set with Suspiria. Inferno was his closest to matching it.

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Picture 3

Inferno is another one of Dario Argentos classic Italian Horror films. It acts a sequel to his other film, Suspiria-- not really as a continuation of the story, but more of another story based on the mythology in the world which he had created. Personally I don’t think Inferno is as good as Suspiria, but it is still a great movie and a must watch during the season of the witch. The tag line for Inferno is: “Terror that’s hotter than hell.”

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Black Sunday a.k.a. The Mask of Satan


black sunday

This is one of my favorite horror films.

The Italian horror classic Black Sunday came out in 1960, and was directed by Mario Bava. This was Marios first solo directing gig and he nailed it right in the face. This is a fantastic story about Vampires. It changed the way people saw Vampires. Before this movie, most vampires were seen as the classic Bella Lugosi version of Dracula. This movie changed that. There are certain aspects of the film that make it stand out. First of all, it is a story about vengeful blood-thirsty vampire. There were dark expressions of cruelty and sexual suggestion that many people weren’t ready for. People were shocked by this film-- the British Censor even banned the film. I have to say it is one of the best horror films ever made.

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Are there any other Italian Horror Films you like that you want to bring to everyone's attention?

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