Looks like those MAD MAX 4 Casting Rumors are True

Mad Max

We recently told you that Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy were in the running to star in George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road. That casting rumor has now been confirmed, and it's all true. Both of them are currently in negotiations to star in the film, Hardy will replace Mel Gibson in the lead role, and Theron will obviously take the female lead. This also means that Mel Gibson will not return to the franchise as Max Rockatansky.

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You all know who Charlize Theron is, but many of you may not recognize Tom Hardy. He's a British actor who you may have seen in Guy Ritchie's Rocknrolla. He also stars in the new indie film Bronson, and has a role in Christopher Nolan's new film Inception. I'm not sure how he will do as Max in the next Mad Max film. Maybe this will be the film that defines his career.

There are no story details offered for the movie yet, but the movie does take place a short while after the story detailed in 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which keeps Mad Max relatively young. It's got a nice big budget, it will be shooting in Australia next summer, and everyone says it going to be huge!

Bring it on.

Source: Variety

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