Original ROGER RABBIT Writers are Working on the Sequel


We new Robert Zemeckis was planning a possible sequel to his 1988 classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He's been talking about it since April. As you know, Zemeckis loves his motion capture films. But you'll be happy to know that Roger Rabbit won't be a part of it.

I don't know if you remember or not, but back in July at Comic-con he said that the 2D character will remain 2D. We weren't sure if the movie was going to happen because he never gave any solid confirmations.

Today however, he has confirmed that the film is indeed being worked on, and that he's brought in two writers to tackle the script! The two writers are Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman, the same writers who also wrote the original film. So this is some great news! In Zemeckis' own words,

There's a script that's being developed. We've got the original writers that are working on it now — Seaman and Price.

There have been a few different times the studio tried to get a sequel off the ground, but they've all failed. Apparently Zemeckis was never involved with those attempts, which is probably why it never happened.

I think there was a time right after the movie came out that the Disney regime at the time — it was a point in the life of the studio where if you made a successful movie they could no longer afford to hire you back. I guess there were some projects that I don't know anything about.

I loved the first Roger Rabbit movie that hit the big screen 20 freakin years ago! I can't believe it's been that long. It looks like things are looking good for the sequel. If the script gets the greenlight and the movie gets made, I'll go see it. How about you?

I wonder if Bob Hoskins would be up for reprising his role as Eddie Valiant.

Source: MTV

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