Check out these 2 New Retro IRON MAN Comic Book Covers

ArtIron Manby Joey Paur

The Invincible Iron Man gets a awesome new retro look next month's 20th issue, which is designed to make the series "like a book from the future." The new covers were designed by Rain Hughes, and the new look for the series connects with the launch of new storyline Stark Disassembled, in which Tony Stark has to come back from the loss of his armors, way of life and intelligence in the previous year-long World's Most Wanted story. CBR had this to say about the new design.

Iron Man will look like an elegant, aggressive, and forward thinking piece of quite frankly gorgeous design. It will be a design artifact appropriate for the coffee table of any forward thinking home... ‘Invincible Iron Man' is going to leap 10 feet off the racks. You'll be able to see it a mile away. I'm so excited to have gotten to work with Rian.

I love the new cover design., it looks really slick. Check 'em out below and tell me you you think of them.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Via: Matt Fraction

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