New Featurette for THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX - Cutting Edge


The more I see of Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox and how it is made, the more I respect what he and the creative crew have done. This movie looks great, and it's got that classic vintage Wes Anderson feel to it that I enjoy so much in his films.  Anderson was hardly on the set during the animation process, which isn't really that uncommon for animation. Most animation is done overseas without the director present. When the director gets the animation back from the animation studio, they give the studio notes on what needs to be changed. The animation director is mostly directs the film through the storyboarding process. Just because Anderson isn't at the animation studio doesn't mean he wasn't doing anything.

The new behind the scenes video shows crew members from the set of Fantastic Mr. Fox and give us a good amount of details on the technology used to create Wes Anderson's stop-animated film.

The film comes out November 25th 2009. Check out the behind the scenes video, and share your thoughts with us in the rant back section below!

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