Review: Supernatural Season 5 Episode 4 "The End"

Wow, Dean get's a ride to 5 years into the future (2014) and finds everything he's worked for and believed was right was actually wrong!  He finds the future him who is very cold and easy to turn on his friends, including a now human and drunk Cas. Future Dean doesn't think twice about putting a bullet in any of his friends backs and Past Dean strongly disagrees with what has happened. Dean has stepped into this future that has Armageddon written all over it, buildings destroyed,very few people left, clearly signs of the Apocalypse is everywhere!

This episode reminds me of anything from Back To the Future but on a much more darker and serious note to one of the Twilight Zone episodes!

Dean looks for his old friend of the family Bobby but only finds his broken old wheel chair and the still hidden journal. The Colt (The Winchester family pistil from the very beginning) has come back into play now and I thought it might one day. Zachariah is  tracking Dean with some help and Sam is now the vessel for Satan, who Dean meets up with in "The End" and it's not pleasant for Dean. Satan simply tells him no matter what he does they end up right there at that same moment in the same place.

As this moment passes Dean is suddenly back in the present and calls Sam to meet up with him where they talk and start repairing their damaged relationship. Dean shows a sign of good faith with Sam giving him the  "knife" and with the "Colt" in hand the brothers are back on track to hunting and fighting the evil that's hovering around them like vultures to the dead!

This has been my favorite Supernatural episode this season and possibly the best for the past few years!  Will the brothers be able to repair their broken relationship? Who else is going to show up this season? This season is so dark and who knows where and how this is going to actually end!

Supernatural Season 5 is the best season so me!

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