Beyonce is Wonder Woman!? New Writer and Director Attached!?


I'm not sure if you're going to like this. I hope it's not true but according to comicbookmovie, Beyonce said at a recent press conference that one of her upcoming films that she is set to star in is Wonder Woman. The last that we heard, Joel Silver was taken off the project and it was dead after the Warner Bros. and DC shake up.

Apparently it's not very dead, Beyonce offered more details about the production. She said she is going to meet up with the writers and directors in a couple months and that things will start to pick up by mid-2010 for a late 2011 release.


She then reveals who the writers and director of the movie are. Stuart Beatti and David Elliot have been brought on to write the film. Unfortunately, these are the same guys that wrote GI Joe: Rise of Cobra. I can't believe they traded in a talent like Joss Whedon for these guys. She then said that John Moore would direct the film. Unfortunately, he's the guy that directed Max Payne.

At this point I hope Beyonce really has no idea what she's talking about. But she had the names and the details. I am treating this as a rumor until we receive confirmation. If this is all true, I'm not to excited about the project and the people involved. What do you think of all this Wonder Woman movie information?

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