Mark Wahlberg to star in REYKJAVIK-ROTTERDAM remake


"Reykjavik-Rotterdam" isn't the result of me slamming my head on the keyboard, than typing the name of a city afterwards... I already did that yesterday in an article(seriously). Reykjavik-Rotterdam is an Icelandic thriller getting the English-language remake. The film is being set up at Working Title(which oddly, this film is in need of badly, preferably one you can pronounce) and will star Mark Wahlberg.

But unlike the highly controversial liberties being taken in the English remake of Let The Right One In, Reykjavik will be helmed and produced by Icelandic auteur Baltasar Kormakur, the star, producer and owner of the rights of the original.

Aaron Guzikowski(Prisoners spec-script) is penning the script for the English-language redo. The original centered on a security guard and former alcohol smuggler on the Iceland-Netherlands route who is tempted back into illicit business by a dubious friend after encountering financial problems.

The filmmakers say the remake will likely take place in a different setting.

The Oskar Jonasson directed original is Iceland's submission for this year's foreign-language Oscar race, and  has won five of Iceland's Edda film awards(they're not just giving those away?) including; best director and best screenplay.

Wahlberg will be bringing his real life entourage with him, as Stephen Levinson, co-executive producer with Wahlberg on HBO's Entourage, is producing Rykjavik via his Leverage banner.

Wahlberg will next star in Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones, and is currently filming Adam McKay's The Other Guys with Will Ferrell. I actually think Wahlberg is extremely fun to watch, and very underrated. But didn't he do a "one last job" remake already with the Italian Job? Of course Reykjavik seems like a much grittier "everything goes wrong" type of film.

Check out the trailer for the original Reykjavik-Rotterdam below, and tell us what you think of Mark Wahlberg starring in the English-Language remake.

Source: THR