Marlon Wayans will play Richard Pryor!? Yikes!

Movieby Joey Paur


No, no, no, no, nooooooo. Marlon Wayans cannot play Richard Pryor! Marlon Wayans is not funny, he is no where near the same league that Pryor was in playing comedy! I'm pretty bummed out by this news. Eddie Murphy was originally supposed to play Pryor in the biopic, Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said, which is being set up over at Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions. Eddie Murphy would have been perfect for the role. He does a fantastic Richard Pryor imitation. I know Eddie Murphy has lost his way recently, but he was once one hell of a funny ass comedian. Unfortunately, Murphy dropped out over conflicts with Paramount Pictures. Does that mean Beverly Hill's Cop 4 is out as well since Paramount is doing that movie? Conflicts between actors and studios are never good.


Wayans is known for making stupid, mindless, ridiculous movies like Dance flick, White Chicks, G.I. Joe, and a bunch of other movies not worth mentioning. According to EW, Wayans fought for the role, blowing the producers away with a 13- min screen test where he “transforms into Pryor.” I don't care, when I hear the name Marlon Wayans, I think there's no way in hell I want to see a movie that he's in. But, that's just me.

The movie depicts Pryor’s controversial brand of comedy and his battle with drugs. Is Wayans looking for a better movie reputation? He should have thought of that before he started make crappy films. Is he thinking he can win an Oscar nomination for this? He doesn't deserve it, especially if you look at his body of work. Is it possible that he suddenly overnight turned into a good actor?

Producers are still working out the terms of Wayans’ deal, and  other major aspects of the overall project have not been finalized. Do you think Wayans can pull it off?

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