sexy STAR WARS pinups: Out of the Helmet and into Our Hearts


Alright Star Wars geeks, prepare for your minds to be blown with these gals. And all without a Leia or Amidala in sight.

Here are some sexy Star Wars pinups by Revenge of The Sith concept artist Feng Zhu. Sadly, the costumes just don't look like that in real life. So as a bonus... we've included some real-life hotties as well, in the gallery below.

Looking at these ladies in Stormtrooper, Scouttrooper, Tie-Fighter Pilot, and who knows/who cares outfits, makes you quickly realize that the Empire was one big cock-fest. I think if the Empire had some girls like this, the rebellion wouldn't have been as successful.

These beautiful looking ladies venture out of their helmets, and into our hearts!

Check out the pics, and gallery below, and let us know what you think.




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Dragon-Con pics by Russell Reno