Sony wants Gary Ross To Write and Direct VENOM Spin-Off Movie


So how would you feel about writer/director Gary Ross taking on the new Venom spin-off movie? Because this is who Columbia/Sony Pictures is talking to about re-writing and directing it. Gary Ross most recently wrote Spider-Man 4, which has yet to be made. Some of the other films he directed include, Pleasantville and Seabiscuit. Both of these are fantastic films, but neither of them deal with comic book characters. Ross is a great writer and director, and I think he actually gives the Venom movie some hope of being really good.

Ross will start writing the script as soon as he completes the new Spider-Man-4 film.

Even though Venom showed up in Spider-Man 3, which pissed a lot of people off, the intention for the new Venom film is to start from scratch. Topher Grace played him in Spider-Man 3 and thankfully the role will be recast. Care to share your thoughts?

Source: Variety

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