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Have you ever wondered what could possibly look worse than Epic Movie or Superhero Movie? Well, I think I may have the answer!

Directors David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand, the guys behind National Lampoon's Dorm Daze and Dorm Daze 2, have a new college themed romp with Transylmania. The horror spoof features the same gross out gags you'd expect, but with a vampire twist.

The film takes place deep in the heart of the "cursed land" of Transylvania in a centuries-old castle, where a group of college kids do a semester abroad at Razvan University. But the school isn't your typical institution of higher learning -- and the black leather-clad professors, three-foot-tall dean, instruction in crucifix-wielding, and topless vampiresses lurking in dark corners are just the start.

The film stars Patrick Cavanaugh, James DeBello, Tony Denman, Paul H. Kim, Jennifer Lyons, Oren Skoog, Irena A. Hoffman, David Steinberg, Musetta Vander, Natalie Garza and Nicole Garza.

Check-out the Red-Band trailer(not at work) and let us know what you think... I think I'll pass.

You can also check out the Feature Trailer we posted up back in August.

Transylmania hits theaters December 4, 2009.

Source: BDTV

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