Are you just aching for a Nicolas Cage film where Cage acts a little over the top nuts? If so then this is the movie for you. Here we have the first trailer for a film directed by Werner Herzog called, Bad Lieutenant: Post of Call New Orleans. The trailer starts off showing you what seems to be your cookie cutter bad cop film, then near the end it starts to show some crazy colors. Like iguanas that aren't there, and Cage delivering the line, "shoot him again," Why? "Because his soul's still dancing. Haaaaaaaaaa!" The film got mixed reviews at the film festivals, Cage's performance looks way over the top. It looks like one of those movies that will be entertaining to watch while making wisecracks about it with your friends.

In the the film, Nicolas Cage plays a rogue detective who is as devoted to his job as he is at scoring drugs -- while playing fast and loose with the law. He wields his badge as often as he wields his gun in order to get his way. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina he becomes a high-functioning addict who is a deeply intuitive, fearless detective reigning over the beautiful ruins of New Orleans with authority and abandon. Complicating his tumultuous life is the prostitute he loves (played by Eva Mendes). Together they descend into their own world marked by desire, compulsion, and conscience. The result is a singular masterpiece of filmmaking: equally sad and manically humorous.

The movie definitely looks different and weird, that may not be a bad thing. Now check out the trailer and tell us what you think about below!

Check out the trailer in HD over at Yahoo.

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