COMIC-CON 2010 4 Day Preview Night Passes Sold Out Already!

Comic-Conby Joey Paur


Are you excited about going to San Diego Comic-Con next year!? Well, I sure hope you got your tickets soon! As of right now Preview Night 4-Day Membership Passes are sold out! Nine freakin months in advance! That my friends is insane!

There are still 4-Day membership passes available that don't include Preview Night. Chances are, if Preview Night is gone these other memberships are going to sell out pretty fast as well. San Diego Comic-Con is becoming incredibly insane! Last year's madness was incredible, but I loved it. Even though it was extremely crowded, we still got to see everything we wanted to see and more. As long as you put in the work and effort(that means getting in line at 2 am in the morning) you'll have a good experience. We worked very hard through the last Con my friends, GeekTyrant lives for these kinds of events. If you're geek enough, we hope to see you there!

via: TMB

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