View Master Film is Compared to E.T.


We reported back in July that the classic toy View Master was going to get it's own movie. Star Trek and Transformer scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the brains behind the project and Fringe co-producer/writer Brad Caleb Kane will be writing the script for DreamWorks. When I first heard about the project I couldn't believe they were making it, hell! I still can't believe it! In a recent press conference Kurtzman talked about the project and where it currently stand and how the story for the film has come about.

The movies that work, work when there's a story there that you could take the toy out of, but then when you put the toy in, it becomes an even more amazing experience, for whatever reason. Brad Kane, who was a writer for us on Fringe, came to us with an amazing idea that had absolutely nothing to do with View-Master. We loved it and thought it was fantastic.

Orci goes on to explain what happened next.

We said, 'It's missing one thing. I don't know what that thing could be. Along came View-Master, and it sounded like the perfect marriage of ideas. But, it's because we started with a story that felt like it could be told, all on its own, before that came along

So they had a good idea for a movie and adding the View Master into the story made it great. Orci then went on to explain how there is a good precedent for starting scripts without the "device." Then give the E.T. example.

Spielberg actually told us once that his first draft story of E.T. didn't have an alien in it. It was a family drama about a kid missing his father, and E.T. was born from that. That's always stuck in our minds. You've got to be able to take out the thing.

He makes a very good point and I agree with him. If they can make an awesome movie using the View Master toy as the "device" then awesome! I this point with the very little knowledge we have on the project, I just don't know how it's possible. May they will make me a believer. Orci then goes on the talk about the cynical response's they've read about the project, which I am guilty of.

What I'll say is that some toys should be movies and some toys should not be movies, and I'd like to believe we know the difference between those things. So, it's like, 'Bring it on.' If you want to be cynical about View-Master, great 'cause we're so confidence in where it's going to end up going that we feel like there's nowhere to go but up.

I'm happy they are confident in the project! Once we hear what the story line is, then we will be able to make a better judgment call, but as of right now you are still making a silly movie about a View Master toy. I hope it ends up being a good movie though!

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Source: Scifiwire

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