Black Cat Confirmed for SPIDER-MAN 4 and More Story Details


There's been a lot of news recently revolving around the the possibility that Black Cat is in Spider-Man 4. Rachel McAdams is just one of many actresses up for the part. The studio is looking at several other girls, which isn't really a big deal because most studios have more than one choice on their casting list. What this does confirm is the fact that Felicia Hardy A.K.A. Black Cat will in fact be in the movie, and HeyYouGuys has been given some story details from an inside source, close to the production. It revolves around Black Cat's story arc.

In the film, she is the daughter of the new editor of The Daily Bugle, a man who is also referred to as ‘a viper’. Apparently the word viper has some relevance. She falls in love with Peter Parker, and uncovers his true identity. Hardy's father then dies, and she becomes a threat to Peter Parker presumably as (The Black Cat).

Now this doesn't fit the comic book character of Hardy, who is supposed to be the daughter of a cat burglar, but her interaction and relationship with Parker is supposed to be pretty close to what it was in the comics. They just switched some things up.

I'm pretty excited to see what Sam Raimi is cooking up for us. The closer the film gets to production, the more we will learn about what kind of film it will end up being and what the full story will be. What are you thoughts on Black Cat being in Spider-Man 4?

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