Must Watch Short Film PANIC ATTACK Giant Robots Blowing up Crap

This short film, Panic Attack! also known as Ataque de Pánico! is freakin awesome! It's definitely one of the best things you will have seen all day! The film is a epic five minute short that was directed and animated by, Fede Alvarez. This is much bigger than what Neil Blomkamp did with his Alive in Joberg. We have a talented future filmmaker in the making.

Giant evil robots emerge from a the fog and just start blowing shit up! The music in the short is John Murphy's In The House - In a Heartbeat from the film 28 Days Later. This video is just too awesome for words so watch it now, behold the awesomness for yourself!

Thanks to GeekTyrant reader isaacada1 for the tip! Hope you enjoy the flick!

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