parody : THE MATRIX silent film starring Charlie Chaplin

The black and white pill? Or the black and white pill?

Here's a fun thing that just popped up. With all of the amazing advancements in technology at filmmakers fingertips, here's a a silent movie take on one of the most visually groundbreaking film of it's time, The Matrix.

In this retro version of The Matrix, Neo is played by the one and only "Charlie Chaplin." Morpheous is in black face, and Trinity is the one and only real woman. Instead of Neo learning Kung-Fu, he straps on the boxing gloves. But perhaps the most iconic spoof is "bullet-time," which is turned into "pie-time."

I have to say this isn't laugh out loud funny, and it's in some serious need of piano accompaniment. But it's a good humorous video nonetheless. They nail all the Chapinisms, as well as the overacting of that time period. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Source: io9