EMH gives an order: Lay off Cameron Diaz

RantCameron Diazby EMH

I noticed on this week's podcast (which was pretty darn entertaining, by the way), that there was a great deal of criticism being placed on Cameron Diaz.

Okay, if she sucked in The Box, then fine, tell us all about it. She deserves it. However, Geektyrant.com's own Dr. Venkman was talking about how he didn't understand why she kept getting work. Look, some actors aren't golden all of the time. Some aren't golden half the time. Diaz has had some remarkable performances over the last 15 years.

She burst onto the scene opposite Jim Carrey in 1994's The Mask. That was during Carrey's obnoxious and most successful run. She was fine.

You want indie work? How about strong turns in The Last Supper, A Life Less Ordinary, She's the One, and a little film called Being John Malkovich, a performance many people felt should have earned her an Oscar!?!

Oh yeah, and she did very well in the smash hit My Best Friend's Wedding, making America's Sweetheart, Julia Roberts, look like the bad guy!

She was solid in Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday!

Next to Bill Murray, she was the only bright spot in 2000's Charlie's Angels.

In a horrible Vanilla Sky, her performance was the only bright spot.

Oh yeah, did you see There's Something About Mary?

She was again powerful in Gangs of New York.

More good work in The Holiday, a very underrated movie, and perhaps her most powerful performance to date came this year in My Sister's Keeper.

Now, it's true she has made some mistakes (What Happens in Vegas, Very Bad ThingsCharlie's Angels 2), but Cameron Diaz is not just eye candy, and in the right role, she's got some pretty strong acting chops.

So back off,


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