Kevin Williamson will remake THE BEDROOM WINDOW between Scream 4 & 5


Yesterday we gave you a compiled update on all the news so far for Scream 4, the first in a new trilogy of sequels to the Scream franchise, which are being written by screenwriter Kevin Williamson. The Scream and Dawson's Creek mastermind is currently out promoting The Vampire Diaries, and revealed to MTV that he has a new project already lined up for time in between the films.

The other thing that’s exciting that’s coming up is I’m doing a remake of The Bedroom Window. It was Curtis Hanson’s first film. With Steve Guttenberg and Elizabeth McGovern. Go look it up. Put it on your TiVo; it’s fun.

He assumes that I haven't seen it... and he's right. So if you're like me,  you can watch the Full Movie on YouTube. It's an actual Lionsgate upload, so it's not broken up into parts, and is high quality. If you don't have that big of an itch, here's a trailer and the history/summary of the film.

Released in 1987, “Bedroom” was a modest hit based on the novel “The Witnesses” by Anne Holden. Similar in theme to the Alfred Hitchcock classic “Rear Window” (or for anyone under the age of 20 reading this, “Disturbia”), it was a modest hit that helped launch Hanson into a career that would yield such classics as “L.A. Confidential” and “8 Mile.”

When asked why he chose this particular film to remake, he responded:

I’ve got a great plan for it; I’m really excited. It’s based on the book The Witnesses, and I’m going to balance out the book; I’m going to pull more from the book [than Hanson did]. I’m doing it in between Scream 4 and 5.

By the time Scream 4 is i the can, I'm sure  part 5 will be a well oiled machine ready to shoot. I think it's a perfect time for him to take on this project that seems to mean a lot to him.

He expands on the plot saying:

Basically, a guy is having an affair with his boss’s wife. They’re finishing up after a night of sex, and she goes towards the window to smoke a cigarette, and she sees a murder outside her window. She sees the killer, and they call the police, but she can’t be there because she’s the boss’s wife. So she tells all of her information to [the man she’s sleeping with], and he becomes the witness.

It sounds classic and simple enough, but the real hook comes with the chain of events this sets off. The hook of the film,  Williamson explains, is the fact that...

...he never saw the guy out the window, he was in the bathroom. And so, he’s suddenly now the sole witness for this guy who’s a serial killer charged with killing all these women all over town. Of course, he gets caught in the lie, and so the serial killer comes after him.


It’s a cat-and-mouse kind of movie, very Hitchcock-y. It’s a twist on ‘Rear Window,’ which I love about it, and it’s just a really great opportunity to do a cat-and-mouse game between a killer and a man, with a couple of women in between them.

There's no word onwhether or not he plans on to direct The Bedroom Window remake. His only helming credit to date has been the 1999 comedy thriller Teaching Mrs. Tingle.

Let us know if you've seen the original, and tell us what you think of Kevin Williamson remaking THE BEDROOM WINDOW?

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