DANTE'S INFERNO Animated Movie Trailer


Our first look at the new Dante's Inferno animated movie comes to us in the form of a trailer, and damn does it looks bloody awesome! This animated film is based off of the Electronic Arts video game that is currently in development, it is also going to be turned into a full on live-action film.

Joe Goyette produced the film, he also produced EA's Dead Space: DownfallVictor Cook directed the film, he worked on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron. Iron Man: Armored Adventures writer Brandon Auman wrote the script.

Inferno will mirror the game’s plot and follow Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell — limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery, in search of his true love, Beatrice.

Similar to the animated short-film collection Halo Legends, Dante's Inferno: The Animated Epic will include six vignettes created by nine renowned animation studios, including the studios behind such films as Ghost in the Shell, Blood the Last Vampire, Tales of the Black Freighter and Samurai Champloo. The shorts appear to offer unique interpretations of the events that play out in Visceral Games’ unique take on Dante Alighieri’s classic epic poem. Depending on your views of what Visceral has done to the famed source material, you’ll most likely either totally dig the shorts, or be even more dubious of Visceral’s creative direction for the game.

The animated film is going to be insanely violent as you will see in the trailer -- there are going to be buckets of blood! Both the game and the film will be released in Feb. 2010. Check out the new trailer below for your first look at the film, and tell us what you think!

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