new CHARLIE'S ANGELS tv Show and FANTASY ISLAND reality show in the works


Producer Leonard Goldberg is developing revivals of two classic 1970's TV shows that he originally helped launch with Aaron Spelling, with a modern day Charlie's Angels for ABC, and a Fantasy Island reality show. Both are being set up over at Sony Pictures TV studios.

Though a Charlie's Angels revival was written for ABC back in 2004 by a pre-Lost Carlton Cuse and John Wirth, it ultimately didn't go to pilot. ABC is expected to greenlight a pilot this time around,  with ABC Entertainment topper Steve McPherson particularly high on the project.

War of the Worlds co-writer Josh Friedman, who also adapted the critically acclaimed but low-rated and ultimately canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for Fox, is on board to write and executive produce the new Angels. Goldberg will produce along with Drew Barrymore, who produced and starred in the McG helmed 2000 film version and its sequel.

Spelling attempted a revival in 1988 with a version called Angels 88 for Fox. Though that show never got off the ground, it eventually led to Spelling's deal to produce the original Beverly Hills 90210.

The more puzzling and unnecessary reboot, is a Fantasy Island reality show. No U.S. network is attached as of yet, but with Mark Burnett(Survivor/The Apprentice) helping adapt, Sony will probably find one soon.

Network's haven't had the best track record with their classic TV show reboots. 90210's current CW revival is doing well, but we can't say the same Melrose Place. Though ABC was riding high with its adaptation of V, with strong ratings for its premiere, it took a major hit in week two(not to mention garnering a hatred from most of GeekTyrant). The Knight Rider and Bionic Woman reboots also had trouble finding footing. But to be fair, the tone and production value of Knight Rider was beyond awful.

The new Charlie's Angels is expected to be geared toward a new generation while paying homage to the past... obviously. I'm hoping they give this a bigger budget than what the CW revivals have been getting. If they follow the geek cred sensibilities and tone of Chuck(produced by McG oddly enough, who I don't care for), with the same caliber of action... then I can actually see myself on board.

I think the modern day stuff was already covered... may I suggest an animated show? Like a grown up version in the style of The Powder Puff Girls... who am I kidding. That won't happen.

Oh... and just to be clear, I'll be avoiding Fantasy Island like it was the plague.

What do you guy think of the CHARLIE's ANGELS and FANTASY ISLAND reboots???

Source: Variety

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