Paul W.S. Anderson wants to adapt METAL GEAR SOLID Movie


According to Resident Evil: Afterlife producer Jeremy Short, Paul W.S. Anderson wants to direct Konami's Metal Gear Solid for the big screen at Columbia Pictures. To that I say, "Hell No!" I admit I enjoy watching some of Anderson's films, because I accept them for what they are, but I do not want him to direct Metal Gear Solid! That is a film that needs to be made by a very talented director, who can build a great story, script, and production... Anderson is not that guy. His films are more in the B-movie range, Metal Gear Solid has to have an A+ production team put together.


Shock Till You Drop also got a little update on Paul W.S. Anderson's video game adaptation of Castlevania at Rogue Pictures. He is still looking into the project, and they are waiting for the script. James Wan was attached to direct the movie, but since that announcement during the summer, we haven't heard much about his involvement. Castlevania is a film I can see Anderson being involved with, although, I'd rather he not do either of these films.

What do you all think about this little update?