THE LOOKING GLASS WARS to get Movie Adaptation

Movieby Joey Paur


The Looking Glass Wars is a series of books written by Frank Beddor, which is a different take on the classic Alice in Wonderland story. The story takes the concept of Wonderland author Lewis Carroll being inspired by the true stories of Alyss Heart, the heir to the Wonderland throne he encounters when she escapes during a coup by the evil Redd. The novels are quite popular and have been adapted into games and graphic novels. Now it looks like it is going to get a film adaptation as well, and Chuck Roven, producer of The Dark Knight, is the guy that's going to develop it.

The news comes from Fran Beddor himself when he appeared on ABC's Good Morning America to promote his final book in the series, which is called Arch Enemy. When he was asked whether we might see the series brought to the big screen any time soon, he replied:

I am working with the producer of The Dark Knight Chuck Roven, so we're putting it together, and it's pretty exciting to think about it as a movie. It's a really visual world so we'll see. I'm just trying to get my neighbor Angelina Jolie to play her.

At that point he was cut off by the host so we're not sure if he meant he wanted her to play Alyss or her arch-enemy Redd.

This should prove to be a very cool movie if the right people get involved in developing it. As of right now with Chuck Roven on board, that a definite plus. As for Jolie being in the movie? I don't really see her in that world. With Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film, and SyFy's new TV movie Alice coming out, I guess right now is the time to get into the Alice in Wonderland business.

What do you think about this adaptation? Is this something you will look forward to?

Source: comingsoon