R2D2 Easter Egg found in STAR TREK - Confirmed by ILM


The effects crew over at Industrial Light and Magic have done it again! R2D2 made a little cameo in Transformers 2, and it was rumored that J.J. Abrams would give our favorite R2 unit the same easter egg treatment in his revamp of Star Trek. Now it's been confirmed, and here he is!

If you direct your eyes to the image above(click image for hi-res), you can see that the huge white arrow clearly points out the iconic Star Wars character in the middle of a Star Trek battle -- someone, somewhere, is screaming bloody murder. But I believe the rest of us are smiling. And for all of you visually challenged naysayers,  Gizmodo has received confirmation from one of the film's scene supervisors over at ILM, that it is R2D2 in the shot.

He's witnessed the rise and fall of the Empire, the rise of the Fallen, and now the destruction of Vulcan. Where oh where will R2D2 end up next???

Check out the picture, and be sure to leave your comments in the rant back section below!

Source: SciFiStuff

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