You Too can have Freaky Anime Eyes

HumorAnimeby Joey Paur


Have you ever wanted those big bright classic anime eyes, like you favorite anime characters? Well now you can, and all it takes are a pair of contact lenses. These crazy contact lenses are made in Korea and will make your eyes big enough to look like a crazy-ass real-life anime character.

The GEO lens "ANGEL Series" promises that "with thicker and darker black rims, your eyes will now be bigger and more defined." They will also make you look a little insane, and kind of surprised all the time. They also have the Crazy Lens, Piercing circle lens or the Magic circle lens, that will make you look even crazier, if that's what your going for.

So are you going to get yourself a pair or what!?

Thanks toGeekTyrant reader isaacada1 for the tip!

Source: thy-fashionsite

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