AVATAR Film Clip and New Image


The first film clip from James Cameron's Avatar has made its way online. and we have a new image for you that you can check out above. The clip that was released is right out of the 17 minutes that Cameron showed us in the theaters on Avatar Day. The clip is definitely the most exciting part of what we saw.

The Avatar clip comes courtesy of LG, which is running a little marketing campaign with one of their new mobile phones. Apparently in the coming days we will see an extended cut of this clip, so that's pretty cool. I will say this is definitely not the way you want to see the footage, as it isn't even in HD, but it is a pretty cool clip and I suggest you check it out.

Watch the wild creatures of Pandora fight over the blue hide of Sam Worthington's avatar, while Sigourney Weaver screams in the background.

Click Here to watch the Avatar Film Clip


It looks so much more awesome in IMAX 3D.


The new Avatar Image above comes from USA Today, in a story on how Hollywood is scaling back on film releases during the holiday season, due to the economy and through fall out from the writers’ strike.

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