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GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 52: Clash of The Prisoners

Podcastby Free Reyes

We've been doing the GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast for over a year now. But we only now have a year's worth of podcasts. So either the calender is a liar, or we haven't always been as consistent as the word "weekly" implies. Either way, thanks for joining us for episode number 52.

Our newest writer Ben P. joins the usual panel of Dr. Venkman, Abe Froman, Root Mazer and Bob Neek for the first time. Here are the topics we discuss, and when we talk about them:

For Box-Office Numbers listen to EMH's Podcast

Movie Reviews:
2:08 - 2012 "The Midnight Experience"
4:06 - 2012 the movie
11:20 - What is Roland Emmerich's worst film?
13:24 - Precious

TV Review:
18:56 - The Prisoner

Geek News:
24:36 - Clash of the Titans trailer VS. Prince of Persia Trailer
30:18 - Hollywood Doesn't need to Cast A-List Actors
34:23 - Charlie's Angels and Fantasy Island(38:18) TV Reboots

Upcoming Movies:
34:12 - Red Cliff / 40:20 - Planet 51 / 40:46 - New Moon / 43:14 - Princess and The Frog
43:46 - Ong Bak 2

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