Now Julia Stiles is in Talks to Join SPIDER-MAN 4

MovieRumorby Joey Paur


We know that casting is currently underway on the Spider-Man 4 production, Rachel McAdams just debunked the rumor that she was looking at being cast as Black Cat. Now a new name has been thrown into the Spider-Man 4 casting mix... Julia Stiles.

According to Ugo she has met with a casting agency up in New York to discuss a role in Sam Raimi's next Spider-Man film. There is no specific information on what role she is looking to land, but I guess we can assume it will be for the role that everyone is talking about, Black Cat. Stiles is a decent enough actress to join in on the Spider-Man movie universe, but for Black Cat? I think she might work, remember the character is also the daughter of the new guy in charge at the Daily Bugle. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

What do you think about Julia Stiles in the role of Black Cat?

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