Peter Jackson says THE LOVELY BONES test audience Demanded more Violence


Peter Jackson's next film The Lovely Bones is one I have been looking forward to seeing for some time now. The book was wonderful and I really like what I've seen in the trailer. It looks like it's going to be a solid adaptation.

The film is based on Alice Sebold's harrowing bestseller about how a murdered 14-year-old girl watches from heaven as her grieving family attempt to ensnare her killer.

The film was screened for a test audience and when it was over, they wanted to see more violence!


Jackson told Reuters,

We got a lot of people telling us that they were disappointed with this death scene, as they wanted to see [the character] in agony and suffer a lot more. We had to create a whole suffering death scene just to give people the satisfaction they needed.

He went back and re-shot the scene with more violence. The character in question is the death of George Harvey, who murders Susie Salmon at the beginning of the story. Apparently many readers complained that Harvey's death in the book wasn't very satisfying either. But from the sound of it, fans will have their bloody vengeance when they see the movie. The movie will still maintain it's PG-13 rating.

Having read the book, I have to tell you that you really do want this guy to get it bad in the end.

Via: Gaurdian

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