Sam Worthington and Bradley Cooper to star in TEXAS KILLING FIELDS


Sam Worthington(Avatar/Terminator:Salvation) and Bradley Cooper(A-Team/The Hangover) have come aboard to star in the cop drama Texas Killing Fields.

Danny Boyle was originally attached to direct, post Slumdog Millionaire, but has dropped off of the project. Although Boyle loved the script, he felt the dark tone of the film would prevent a studio from ultimately greenlighting the project. Boyle explained:

Texas Killing Fields was a fantastic script, really special script, but it was just so dark it would never get made. You’d have to have half a dozen super megastars for a studio to even consider making it. It’s by an ex-cop from Galveston and visually would have been extraordinary, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

The film is now being produced by Michael Mann(who was also once attached to direct), and being helmed by his daughter, Ami Canaan Mann(yes, that's her name), who served as a second-unit director on Heat, while her only other credit is her 2000 directorial debut, Morning.

Worthington and Cooper will star as two cops who realize that the latest murder in their jurisdiction connects their case to the notorious killing fields murders. The killing field murders concern four bodies that were found in the same place in Texas — along Interstate 45 near Calder Road in League City. Two of the bodies are still unidentified, and all four murders remain unsolved.

Now that the project has a couple of rising stars attached -- not exactly a dozen, but it'll do -- the film should be able to move forward. I'm a bit skeptical of Ami, due to her inexperience, but who knows... she could be amazing. The idea that Boyle thought it was too dark to get made, has me pretty interested. But maybe that's how he invisioned the project, and not how the Manns will make it.

What do you think of TEXAS KILLING FIELDS so far?

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